Saturday, February 6, 2010

She looks so little here.
This was her Halloween costume for her first Halloween. She was a cute little tiger.

This was taken recently. Emmalee and her aunt Mandie.

She was getting tired...running around with mom

She likes to blow bubbles, this is a picture in October when she first decided she could blow bubbles with her lips.

Her complete costume...what a cute face.

Now that's a tired baby.

She must like to sleep

This is after she fell asleep, a few minutes later her finger fell out of her mouth and so she was just poking her cheek and she didn't even know it. Eventually she dropped her hand but it was really funny.

In this picture she was chewing on her finger to help her gums and she feel asleep with it in her mouth it was really cute. This was taken not too long ago.

This purple jacket was made by Great-Grandma Randie. She looked so cute in it.

OOhh! Look at that chocolate...I should eat that!

She was really young in this picture. I already forgot she was that little once.

This was her one month birthday cake. She's going to have a sixth month birthday cake here soon.

I love this picture. I loved this outfit on her.

Sorry this picture is sideways. This was one of her Halloween outfits, she had several.

Another cute face blowing bubbles. She still loves to do that.

This was a picture the day she turned five months. She had just eaten her first chocolate chip cookie. Yummy! Oh she loves cookies too.

Yummy chocolate!

Happy Halloween!

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  1. She is so gosh darn cute!!!! Are ya'll gonna be down here any time soon? We would love to see ya'll again.